Enhance the Chelsea School District’s educational experiences by

financing projects beyond the resources of the district and by providing

scholarships to district graduates.


Chelsea Education Foundation is a highly regarded valuable and caring

resource to students and teachers and is a trusted and beneficial

conduct by all community members.


Mission Driven, Strategically Grounded, Financially Sustainable,

Community Focused


In 1990, the Chelsea Education Foundation (CEF) as founded by Joe

Piasecki, then superintendent of the Chelsea School District. The goal of

the foundation was to provide funding for a wide spectrum of educational

activities to benefit the residents of Chelsea. The CEF was to serve as a

link between school, business and community to help strengthen Chelsea’s

future. Contributions to CEF are given back to the school district through

college and trade school scholarships and grants to innovative teachers

and administrators.



Since 2001, the foundation has demonstrated significant contribution to the

school district. Over 50 000 students received benefits from the foundation's efforts

and activities over 660 grant programs were funded ranging from art installations

to robotics to financial management over 975 scholarships were awarded to students with outstanding achievement

In 2018, due to the generosity of our sponsors and donors, the CEF was able

to fund a large district wide grant for the first time. The North Creek

Elementary MakersSpace. a place for children to practice innovation and

working together in goups.

2020-21 Impact Statement

2020-21 CEF Impact Statement Cover.png