Over 660 programs

have been funded through Chelsea Education Foundation, ranging from art installations to robotics.

2022-2023 Grant Applications

Please note CEF accepts applications only from Chelsea School District teachers and administrators.

The window for accepting applications is currently closed.


Please direct any questions to or by phone at 269.369.3972.

2021-22 Funded Projects

CEF will have two teacher grant cycles for the 2021-22 school year - the first was held in September and the second cycle was held December-January.  During the first grant cycle, CEF Awarded $19,362 in Teacher Grants to the following programs:

  • Outdoor wagons

  • Book in the Bag Reading Program

  • Classroom Rug

  • Young Fives Classroom Meeting Rug

  • First Grade Classroom Storage Supplies

  • Social Emotional Learning Books for the Art Classroom

  • Classroom Materials to Support Phonics Instruction

  • North Creek Special Education Team Early Literacy Resource

  • “Old Favorite Books” program - Two Class Sets of Billy Goats Gruff

  • Authors in Chelsea

  • Diverse and High-Interest Books - Classroom Library Additions

  • Reading (Literacy) - Classroom Library Additions

  • Maker Space

  • Who Was What Was - Nonfiction Book Additions To Media Center

  • Books for Blossoming Readers - Classroom Library Additions

  • Social Emotional Learning Lending Library

  • Native American Experience

  • Series Books for Propel Readers - Reading Intervention Support

  • Just Right Books for Just in Time Learning

  • Lowe Level Book Club Books

  • 7th and 8th Grade Clocks - a STEAM Collaboration

  • Resource Room/Independence Hall Real World Life Experiences

  • Mindful Mornings

  • WEB (Where Everyone Belongs)

  • Civil War Reenactor Visit

  • 6th Grade Camp

  • Link Crew

  • Independence Hall Cultural Performances

  • Authors in Chelsea

2020-21 Funded Projects

We hope that by providing multiple opportunities, we will help Chelsea teachers and students move through the changing landscape of virtual and hybrid teacher-student interaction. We are please that all COVID hybrid and virtual adaptation-related requests were 100% funded for 2020-2021needs.


During the 2020-21 grant cycle, CEF Awarded $27,700 in Teacher Grants to the following programs:

  • #WhyYouMatter

  • Vocational Training Support

  • Chelsea Strength and Conditioning

  • Equipment for Sensory Room

  • 6th Grade Camp Trip Scholarships

  • WEB (Where Everybody Belongs)

  • Student White Boards

  • Series Books Propel Readers

  • Hands on Games for Cognitive Impaired

  • AAC Core Word Books

  • Culturally Diverse Books

  • Developing Globally Conscious Students

  • 1st Grade Phonics Manipulative Supplies

  • 1st Grade Social Studies

  • Magnetic Letters & Dry-Erase Boards

  • Raz-Plus Leveled, Zoom Friendly Books

  • Community Preschool Water Table

  • Community Job Experiences

  • CHS Link Crew

  • Chelsea Speed Training

  • Chelsea Strength and Conditioning

  • 6th grade Classrooms iPens

  • Construction Hats for Vowel Town

  • Picture Book Boost

  • Parent/Teacher Lending Library

  • Classroom Library Extension

  • Level M and Lower Books

  • 5th Grade Ukulele Project

  • Art Supply Kits

  • Classroom Leveled Books

2019-20 Funded Projects

During the 2019-20 grant cycle, CEF Awarded $39,989 in Teacher Grants to the following programs:

  • #Whyyoumatter

  • Authors in Chelsea

  • Summer Reading Initiative

  • 8th Grade DC Trip Scholarships

  • 6th Grade Camp

  • 4th Grade Museum Trip

  • CHS Link Crew

  • 8th Grade Science Unit

  • Native American Experience

  • Science Olympiad

  • 7th Grade DIA Field Trip

  • Book A Day

  • Bursting with Books
  • Psychologist/Social Worker Space
  • Mosaic Making
  • Lucy Caulkins Books

  • WEB Where Everybody Belongs

  • MakerSpace

  • ​Arbor Club's 50th Alumni Earth Day Celebration

  • Hometown Holiday Concert Collaboration

  • Quiz Bowl

  • Empty Bowls

  • Reading Workshop

  • Independence Hall Cultural Experiences

  • Moanin' Frogs Saxophone Ensemble

  • Civil War Re-enactor

  • Strength, Speed, & Conditioning

  • Bulbs for Alumni Arbor

  • Media Center Entry Way

  • Physical Education