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Over 696 programs

have been funded through Chelsea Education Foundation, ranging from art installations to robotics.

2023-2024 Grant Applications
The window for accepting applications is currently closed.


Please note CEF accepts applications only from Chelsea School District teachers and administrators.

Please direct any questions to: or by phone at 269.369.3972.

2021-22 Funded Projects

CEF had two teacher grant cycles for the 2021-22 school year - the first was held in September and the second cycle was held December-January.  During the first grant cycle, CEF Awarded $19,362 in Teacher Grants to the following programs:

  • Outdoor wagons

  • Book in the Bag Reading Program

  • Classroom Rug

  • Young Fives Classroom Meeting Rug

  • First Grade Classroom Storage Supplies

  • Social Emotional Learning Books for the Art Classroom

  • Classroom Materials to Support Phonics Instruction

  • North Creek Special Education Team Early Literacy Resource

  • “Old Favorite Books” program - Two Class Sets of Billy Goats Gruff

  • Authors in Chelsea

  • Diverse and High-Interest Books - Classroom Library Additions

  • Reading (Literacy) - Classroom Library Additions

  • Maker Space

  • Who Was What Was - Nonfiction Book Additions To Media Center

  • Books for Blossoming Readers - Classroom Library Additions

  • Social Emotional Learning Lending Library

  • Native American Experience

  • Series Books for Propel Readers - Reading Intervention Support

  • Just Right Books for Just in Time Learning

  • Lowe Level Book Club Books

  • 7th and 8th Grade Clocks - a STEAM Collaboration

  • Resource Room/Independence Hall Real World Life Experiences

  • Mindful Mornings

  • WEB (Where Everyone Belongs)

  • Civil War Reenactor Visit

  • 6th Grade Camp

  • Link Crew

  • Independence Hall Cultural Performances

  • Authors in Chelsea

2020-21 Funded Projects

We hope that by providing multiple opportunities, we will help Chelsea teachers and students move through the changing landscape of virtual and hybrid teacher-student interaction. We are please that all COVID hybrid and virtual adaptation-related requests were 100% funded for 2020-2021needs.


During the 2020-21 grant cycle, CEF Awarded $27,700 in Teacher Grants to the following programs:

  • #WhyYouMatter

  • Vocational Training Support

  • Chelsea Strength and Conditioning

  • Equipment for Sensory Room

  • 6th Grade Camp Trip Scholarships

  • WEB (Where Everybody Belongs)

  • Student White Boards

  • Series Books Propel Readers

  • Hands on Games for Cognitive Impaired

  • AAC Core Word Books

  • Culturally Diverse Books

  • Developing Globally Conscious Students

  • 1st Grade Phonics Manipulative Supplies

  • 1st Grade Social Studies

  • Magnetic Letters & Dry-Erase Boards

  • Raz-Plus Leveled, Zoom Friendly Books

  • Community Preschool Water Table

  • Community Job Experiences

  • CHS Link Crew

  • Chelsea Speed Training

  • Chelsea Strength and Conditioning

  • 6th grade Classrooms iPens

  • Construction Hats for Vowel Town

  • Picture Book Boost

  • Parent/Teacher Lending Library

  • Classroom Library Extension

  • Level M and Lower Books

  • 5th Grade Ukulele Project

  • Art Supply Kits

  • Classroom Leveled Books

2019-20 Funded Projects

During the 2019-20 grant cycle, CEF Awarded $39,989 in Teacher Grants to the following programs:

  • #Whyyoumatter

  • Authors in Chelsea

  • Summer Reading Initiative

  • 8th Grade DC Trip Scholarships

  • 6th Grade Camp

  • 4th Grade Museum Trip

  • CHS Link Crew

  • 8th Grade Science Unit

  • Native American Experience

  • Science Olympiad

  • 7th Grade DIA Field Trip

  • Book A Day

  • Bursting with Books
  • Psychologist/Social Worker Space
  • Mosaic Making
  • Lucy Caulkins Books

  • WEB Where Everybody Belongs

  • MakerSpace

  • ​Arbor Club's 50th Alumni Earth Day Celebration

  • Hometown Holiday Concert Collaboration

  • Quiz Bowl

  • Empty Bowls

  • Reading Workshop

  • Independence Hall Cultural Experiences

  • Moanin' Frogs Saxophone Ensemble

  • Civil War Re-enactor

  • Strength, Speed, & Conditioning

  • Bulbs for Alumni Arbor

  • Media Center Entry Way

  • Physical Education

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