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Chelsea Education Foundation Awards 45 Scholarships totaling $34,750

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Chelsea Education Foundation Awards 45 Scholarships totaling $34,750

Chelsea, MI - Chelsea Education Foundation (CEF) recently provided $34,750 to Chelsea schools for scholarships. Winners were announced on June 4 at the annual Senior Awards Night held at the Chelsea Football Stadium.

Since 2001, over 900 scholarships have been awarded by CEF to students for service to the community and outstanding academic performance.

While many scholarships are geared toward traditional four-year college students and to those entering trade schools, others are designed for non-traditional students or students already enrolled in a course of study rather than a newly-minted graduating senior.

“I am extremely grateful for the CEF scholarship (Doris Schumacher / A Henry Schumacher Memorial Scholarship) I received this year. In the past and present, all of my CEF scholarships have increased my ability to focus on academics and community by lessening the financial burden of college attendance. Simply put, they help a lot,” said Emily Chizek, a 2020 CHS graduate entering her sophomore year at Calvin University, where she is studying public health.

2021 Scholarship Winners:

The Joseph Piasecki Scholarship - Rachel Bareis

CEF Academic Scholarships - Carter DeRosia, Ella Mya Girard, Emma Hicken, Rachel Bareis, Robert Moore, April Dembinski, Ava Saxton, Brian Morgans, Connor Mckenzie, Dakota Drew, Ella Cowhy, Evan Eidt, Hannah Harmes, Isaac Stoker, Jack Krugh, Kiegan Cavett, Natalie Davies, Riley Mickle, Riley Scritchfield, Katie Moore, Logan Otto, Veronica Blissick

CEF Community Service Scholarships - Katie Moore, Isaac Stoker, Ella Cowhy, Kate Vanderspool, Riley Scritchfield, Aaron Zivsak, Logan Otto, Rachel Bareis, Veronica Blissick

Jillian Lea Drow Memorial Scholarship - Ella Cowhy

Robert W Wagner Engineering Scholarship - Jack Krugh

Judith Lynn Wagner Owens Teacher Scholarship - Ethan Corkin-Howell

Mary Merkel Memorial Nursing Scholarship - Ava Saxton

Doris Schumacher / A Henry Schumacher Memorial Scholarship - Emily Chizek

Female in Finance Scholarship - Sierra Kratz

Chelsea Family Dentistry - Hannah Harmes

Chelsea Rod and Gun Club Scholarships - Meghan Hause, Kiegan Cavett

Joel Gentz Memorial Leadership and Service Scholarship - Rachel Bareis

Brian McGrath Memorial Scholarships - Robert Moore, Rachel Bareis

CEF Engineering, Accounting, Computer Science Scholarship - Riley Scritchfield

Money is raised through donations and annual fundraisers.

"We truly appreciate the individuals and businesses that host their scholarships with CEF. Their contributions support the dreams and education of our next generation," said Lynn Fox, CEF President.

Chelsea Education Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3. Organized in 1990, the mission of CEF is to enhance the Chelsea School District's educational experiences by financing projects beyond the resources of the district and by providing scholarships to district graduates. Since its inception, over 46,000 students have received benefits from the foundation, and 600 grant programs have been funded ranging from art installations to robotics programs, and over 900 scholarships have been awarded to students with outstanding achievement.

To learn more about Chelsea Education Foundation, visit or email the Board President, Lynn Fox, at

Photo Above: Kimberly Gillow, Julie Helber, Lynn Fox

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