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Updated: Oct 24, 2023

In a spirited display of community unity and support for education, the Chelsea Education Foundation (CEF) and The Educational Foundation of Dexter (EFD) recently joined forces throughout the month of October to raise funds for educational grants in both Chelsea and Dexter. The collaborative effort, known as the "Rivalry Match," reached its climax during the Chelsea vs. Dexter football game October 20 at Al Ritt Stadium in Dexter.

This year, EFD emerged victorious raising $25,288 compared to Chelsea's $15,504, however, Chelsea claimed victory on the football field with a score of 31 to Dexter's 21. In the end, it was a win-win for both communities!

Mike Cipolla, President of EFD, expressed his gratitude, stating, “We are so grateful to our amazing Dexter community and all of our supporters who came together to help EFD this year. We're overjoyed to see that Rivalry Match continues to grow, and we welcomed so many new donors this year. We're especially thrilled because we know that the true beauty of the Rivalry Match collaboration lies in its positive impact on our students. With the funds raised, EFD can support educational programs that will make a real difference in every school building in Dexter. I would also like to thank CEF for being such an incredible partner in the Rivalry Match!”

The collaboration between these two foundations was a natural fit, as they share similar missions of enhancing students' educational experiences by providing funding for projects that go beyond the resources of their respective districts. In addition to this, CEF also offers scholarships to district graduates.

Amy Forehand, President of CEF, commented, "Our continuing partnership with EFD is mutually beneficial for our respective foundations and educational communities. We have so much fun collaborating and competing to make this event better every year. We are deeply appreciative of the generosity displayed by both communities and recognize the profound impact these donations will have on future educational grants."

Furthermore, these education foundations play a vital role as bridges connecting schools, businesses, and the community at large. The success of the fundraiser was bolstered by community partners who generously provided event sponsorships. Chelsea's sponsors include John & Donna Daniels, SBK Orthodontics, Chelsea Hospital-Trinity Health-UofM, Chelsea State Bank, Art Moehn, D&B Strategic Marketing, Esquire Interiors, and Jiffy Mixes-Chelsea Milling. Dexter's sponsors include Dexter Orthodontics, Beacon Dental, Chelsea State Bank, SBK Orthodontics, Pearl Planning, LaFontaine Chevrolet of Dexter and Dexter’s Pub.

The "Rivalry Match" not only fostered friendly competition but also reaffirmed the commitment of both communities to supporting educational excellence. Through their collective efforts, Chelsea and Dexter have demonstrated the remarkable impact that can be achieved when communities come together in the spirit of educational enrichment.

The Education Foundations continue to fundraise throughout the year, to learn more, visit their websites: or

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